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Hinge and Hardware Screws Truss Head

Deerwood's Truss Head screws are the fasteners of choice for professionals and hobbyists. The large bearing surface of the head helps eliminate pull-through and allows the screw to be torqued to its maximum to insure a proper fit. Deerwood is now pleased to offer these popular installation screws with a Recex® (Square/Phillips) Drive for optimum drive torque and eliminating bit cam-out. They are also available as a Type A fine or with a Lo-Root deep thread design with atype 17 point.Our Modified Truss Head screws offer maximum bearing surface to increase holding power. We have modified the head height to allow the screw to be used in tight spaces where head clearance is minimal. These features make our Modified Truss Head Screws the perfect choice for attaching metal drawer slides. The low profile head insures the head height of the fastener will not interfere with the operation of the rollers and track on most all makes of slides