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Shadoe Track Concealed Deck Fasteners

The conventional deck construction applies nails and screws through the deck boards into the wood joists. The wood weathers and shrinks, nails and screws loosen and pop-up not only becoming hazardous but also promoting ROT by allowing moisture to penetrate the deck planks. Protection is jeopardized even if the wood surface has been treated with a preservative. Water penetration with conventional deck fastening systems results in cracks and rot.

With the SHADOE® TRACK deck fastening system, Tracks are fastened to joists with SHADOE® TRACK nails. Screws secure each board from below, preventing water penetration through fastener holes. No water penetration, no rot. The reversible track allows for splices and butt joints, and any width decking may be used.

SHADOE® TRACK can be purchased in our convenient 4ft pre-pack package containing all the track, nails and screws needed to cover 65sqft of decking 16”O.C. or in 8ft sections of track separately along with the packaged nails and screws.

Why Shadoe® Track?
  • Perfect for wood, PVC, composite deck boards and hardwood decking.
  • No Nails or Screws visible on deck surface.
  • LONGER LASTING DECK - Rot is not allowed to form around fasteners, due to moisture penetration from conventional deck construction.
  • No more checks, hammer marks or splinters.
  • SAFER DECKS - eliminates fastener pop-ups.
  • Easy to install.
  • SHADOE® TRACK holes allow water drainage.
  • Make Splices & Butt joints without splitting.
  • SHADOE® TRACK is backed by a 30 Year Transferable Warranty.