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Trim Head Screws

Trim Head Bullets® are specially designed for applications in which the head of the screw needs to be as small as possible. Trim Bullets® resemble finish nails in both appearance and function. The head of a #4 screw is used on a #6 or #7 screw, permitting the screw to countersink itself just like a finish nail. The small head size allows it to be used to discreetly attach molding and trim to millwork, cabinetry and crafts. Trim Bullets® are available only in Robertson® square drive to help eliminate driver bit cam-out due to the small head size. Trim Bullets® are available in black phosphate or yellow zinc.

  • Attach Trim, Moldings and Baseboards to Wood or Light Gauge Metal Studs
  • Crafts and Hobby work
  • Anywhere Finish Nails are used