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Cement Board Screws

Cement Board Bullets® fasten cement board like Durock®, Wonderboard®, and HardieBacker® easily with our cement board screws. Our Cement Board Bullets feature a head design with self-countersinking nibs under the head. Our large wafer-type head provides exceptional holding power while preventing “pull through”. We use a special coating process that helps prevent corrosion and has been tested at over 20 Kesternich cycles (DIN 50018) with less than 5% red rust and achieved over 1000 hour salt spray test (ASTM B117).

Features and Benefits
  • Eliminate floor squeaks and movement under ceramic tile
  • Gray color blends well with most cement boards
  • Large diameter Wafer Head provides a good bearing surface with countersinking ability
  • Cutting Nibs under the head help cut away material for a flush countersink
  • Available in wood or self-drilling points
  • Cement Board to Wood or Metal Studs
  • Siding to Wood or Metal Studs